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Our mission statement






[slide-right]ATTENTION IS POWERFUL[/slide-right]

It steers our perceptions and controls our reality. It’s the gateway to the mind. It’s scarcer today than at any point in history. Life is noisy, choice endless.

Attention is continually shifting platforms as we transition from the broadcast to the audience era so let’s stop chasing it and make it come to us



[slide-left]CAPTURE ATTENTION[/slide-left]

...No-one listens if you interrupt and waste their time. Today brands earn the chance to be heard. Having sh*t thrown in your face sucks. Because today it's all on our terms.

Or we switch off. Choice is endless so we seek value.

We want convenience, to be informed, or entertained. But (always) on our time – where we want it, when we want it.  

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[slide-left]BE IN

 the right game[/slide-left] 

[slide-right]RESPECT IT[/slide-right]

....Producing 30 second videos that cost millions, for a medium that's losing attention, is crazy. Programmatic advertising and pre-roll are interruptive and as humans we all hate it. Why not as marketers?

Because TV and programmatic yield high agency margins and are thus continuously accepted. It’s time to change that. 


[slide-left]THE TRIPLE WIN[/slide-left] 

We believe in the triple win - communication beneficial to brands, influencers but most importantly us, the audience, as consumers, as humans.

Communication relevant to TODAY.

The mobile phone is the new television. It’s an undeniable truth. We pride ourselves on being true practitioners. We understand native storytelling and help brands effectively communicate with their audiences on the platforms that matter. We consult on cultural nuances, across organic, paid, video and experiential - always providing insight, context, tactics, and strategy. 


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[slide-left]MAKe marketing



[slide-right]BE HEARD[/slide-right]

Above all what matters is that your message sticks. That you are heard and understood. We understand both creative and distribution. We understand context. We understand how to get the absolute most out of every one of your marketing dollars. As a modern-day marketing and media agency we care about the end result.


...Mastering attention. What would you do with it? Whether it’s about building your brand or selling more product, to master attention you have to understand it. Today, it’s all about understanding culture and helping to shift and shape it.