An Attention First, Social Marketing Agency. We understand audience attention and the current state of the internet. 

Our team bring to life global marketing campaigns deep-rooted in insight and meaning, enabling our clients to communicate in the NOW.


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The Attention First, Social Marketing Agency, making marketing count from the ground up, on a global scale. 

Born out of a love for telling stories and collaborating with content creators, we started our journey from the very beginnings of YouTube and Facebook, evolving alongside them as they became what social media is today.  

We understand the current state of the Internet and Social Media, helping our clients communicate to target audiences, in the now. We'll show you how, where and when to market to your target audience, driving real business results. 

We are a combination of skill sets and different cultures all united on the same mission - Hacking culture today, to build opportunities for tomorrow.

We follow attention. Where it goes, we go.



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