We sent our videographers and skateboard enthusiasts, Nick and Isaac, to one of the Asics's 'Run the Tube' campaign sites near Waterloo station. To mark the launch of their Flagship Store in Regent Street, Asics is running a campaign called 'Run the Tube' installing unique LED light tunnels designed by Rob Jensen and Warren Trezevant, Inspired by the IAAF World Championship.

So here’s the new vlog, complete with bay-watch style slo-mo running by one of our very own. What’s not to love?

Firstly, we meet Isaac, the brand spanking new edition to the Socially Powerful family. He tells us a little about himself and his move down from Manchester to work with us. After getting slightly lost (is the tube a thing up north?!), the boys finally rock up at to the 'Run the Tube' location in the Leake Street Tunnel by Waterloo station.

Met by a scene of dozens of spherical LED light installations and heavy graffiti running along the inside of the tunnel (a hipster’s paradise), it's clear it's going to be a great setting to capture some incredible, Instagram-worthy footage.

The plan was to film some slow shutter hyperlapses and timelapses using Socially Powerful’s new toy - a gimble (for those not so camera-lingo-savvy - a gimble is used for getting smooth shots). This, teamed with their dope, albeit slightly rusty, skateboard skills should be a match made in heaven, right?

A few technical difficulties, some suitably edgy deep-house music and a LOT of swearing later, the boys got to it. And the results were f*cking incredible! As you’ll see from the vlog, the colour changing light installations partnered with the graffiti created some seriously 'trippy' effects on the camera. Finishing with some aerial footage of the best city in the world, shot on another one of our favourite toys – DJI Mavic – we think this is our coolest vlog yet.