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Meet the Team: From Intern to Account Manager

At Socially Powerful we look to source and develop the most innovative and creative minds. Situated in a rapidly changing and evolving landscape, we firmly believe fresh and innovative perspectives are key to driving growth and developing as a business. We asked one of our former interns to share their experience of starting in a start-up.

Coralie, one of our first interns, started in July 2017 after graduating from the University of Essex with a degree in Language and Linguistics. Now an Account Manager, Coralie is one of our driving forces in business development and plays a vital role in mentoring our new talent.

What initially attracted you to Socially Powerful?

The week after graduation I received an invitation to come for an interview. I had always wanted to be involved with digital marketing, my friend had previously undertaken an internship with Google and then moved to a smaller agency. She told me that the industry was great and the work environment supportive. I researched the company through their vlog and social media and found it looked like a fun place to work and was drawn to the varied workload. One moment they were off travelling, pitching to new clients and the next minute out managing influencers.

What have you learnt from your time with Socially Powerful and what has been your most valuable lesson?

A hell of a lot. I had never studied any form of marketing at University so had limited knowledge on the industry and especially influencer marketing, it’s such a new space. Skill wise I have learnt how to organise and prioritise. Our workload varies and at times can be quite substantial so these capabilities have been necessary to avoid running out of hours. One of my most valuable lessons would be confidence; if you believe in what you are saying so will others. The way in which you put things across can be so important.

What ways do you think working in a start-up differs from larger companies?

First of all, you get the unique opportunity to see every aspect of the business; be it contract negotiation to pitching to clients. It’s a great platform to build confidence and become an all-rounder. We also have a lot more input when it comes to creatives than  we would in larger companies, it doesn’t matter if you are the director or the intern the best and most inventive idea will win and be put forward to the client. In a start-up you are going to have to work make a difference, but this is what makes it so rewarding.

Any advice for people looking to go into influencer marketing?

Have patience. You need to remember that influencers are just people, some of whom who have other priorities and may make mistakes. Learning to prepare for any issues before they arise is vital. As the main point of contact between the client and influencer, you need to communicate to the client that the influencers are not actors but creators themselves. This authenticity is what makes influencer marketing so great and is what gives the brand a unique platform.

If you were an influencer, what would your name and passion be?

My name would be Cheesy Pits and I would be a food influencer. All I eat in the office is cheese and pitta bread, so it makes sense to dedicate my internet presence to the cause.

If you are interested in kicking off a career with us and feel that you would be a good fit for our team please do not hesitate to get in contact:


Instagram - the integral part of a fashion brands social media strategy?

instagram fashion strategy influencer marketing

Instagram has quickly become an integral part of the social media strategy utilised by fashion brands. With its simplistic format, eye-catching photography and total creative freedom, it is a tool to showcase the best clothing pieces designers have to offer in an accessible and authentic way. But is its rapid growth and universality shifting the fashion industry from an art form that requires years to master to a free-for-all for all aspiring fashionistas?

Launched in 2010, Instagram now has over 800 million monthly users and appears to be growing at a rate that will see it hit 1 billion by the end of the year. Its global reach allows users to present trends in a saturated market without becoming repetitive, and the variation of posts enables individuals to create a brand identity that their followers can recognise. It's become increasingly obvious that for any brand to fully cement themselves as a key player in the world of fashion they require a strong presence on Instagram to drive of sales and overall brand awareness. Emphasis is placed on moments being 'Instagrammable' and brands take huge pride in creating an Instagram feed that not only looks beautiful but persuades the user to purchase their products over a competitors. 

Instagram has become a platform of opportunity with more and more homegrown brands using it as a place to generate attention - and income - from their products. Similarly, established brands are aware that it has a huge influence over consumer sales. Official Instagram figures indicated that 1 in 3 of its users has bought an item of clothing after discovering it on their feed. Using photoshoots and 'easy on the eye' flat lays to generate revenue is a tempting prospect for companies, who, when implementing an effective and strategised posting schedule, can add real value to their brand. Posting regularly, following trends and racking up the likes is a surefire way to convert posts into purchases. 

Using the application, fashion brands are easily able to connect with thousands of influencers who have a significant impact on their own followers' buying choices. Not only can the brand create a direct line between themselves and the consumer, but by paying influencers to promote their products, they're able to further increase their reach. There is concern within the fashion industry that Instagram is facilitating a new age of fashion branding where ever-changing trends are increasingly accessible and brand exposure makes way for cheaply made 'dupes'. It is, however, difficult to deny the opportunities the platform creates for brands to identify trends and meet consumer demands accordingly. 

A huge benefit of Instagram for fashion brands is the means of communication between them and their customers. Having a comments section allows for instant feedback on products, as well as customers being given an opportunity to seek customer service support. Building trust, particularly as a new brand, is vital in retaining customers and generating new sales, so this open line of communication seemingly adds to the customer experience. 

It's undeniable that Instagram has made a big impact on the fashion industry. Instagram brands might not be a sustainable alternative to traditionally marketed fashion labels, but creating your brand from your fingertips has certainly never been easier. 

instagram fashion influencer marketing blog

Dual Citizens - "We love the freedom of social media"

We caught up with two Korean sisters, Annie and Esther, who are Instagram influencers who have an awesome story to tell. They both have full-time jobs and started their Instagram journey as a bit of fun after University, check out their full story below!


Tell us about you, your background and how you came to start on social media?

We’re two sisters of Korean descent, born in Florida, grew up in Toronto, and now residing in Calgary. Now there’s an intro for ya! We came to start on social media from loving trends, fashion, and having a little bit of the “what do I do after I graduate?!” panic.

Tell us about what you do on your social channels?

We’re mainly in the fashion industry with a side of travel and food. We create content about what we love and define us. We try to have a mix of content, by posting aesthetic photos on Instagram and showing our dorky personalities on stories.

Sum up your what you do in 5 words?

We take low angles a lot.

What social channel are you most passionate about and why?

INSTAGRAM. All day. Everyday. (It’s also our only social channel)

How often do you post and update your audience? What content works best for you?

We tend to post a few times a week but try to update our audience every day. We love love love Insta stories - it’s our playground for all our shenanigans.

When did you first start seeing you were building a following? How quickly have you grown your following?

We started noticing the follower build-up from the get-go. We remember being so excited hitting the first 100 followers because we knew it wasn’t just family members and friends following us. Once we hit 10K, we knew “hey, this could actually go somewhere” and now we’re almost at 100K! We grew our following quite quickly - it’s been less than 2 years since we started the gram and it’s been a rollercoaster ever since.

How do you stand out on social media? What makes you different?

We’re sisters slash best friends. That in itself stands out from most accounts. The more the merrier, right?

What does your typical day look like?

Our typical day isn’t like most social media influencers. We work 9-5 jobs (well 8-5) during the week, so the day consists of commuting, working, and planning out our Insta posts and stories. Weekends are where we cram in all the photoshoots and stories. It’s a hard knock life yo.

Are you friends with other influencers?

Of course! One of the reasons we love this platform is how we’ve connected with other girls who are influencers. We give each other social media advice and complain about the ever-changing Instagram algorithm; things that non-influencers might not understand.

What are your ambitions with social media? Where do you want to take it?

To call this our full-time jobs. Done. Next question por favor. Haha moreover, we want to be able to post more, have more live videos, and show more travelling posts by travelling more! We want more more more of everything!

What do you enjoy most about social media?

We love the freedom of social media. Especially since we both work office jobs, there’s the undeniable comparison of office work to social media work. We love being able to use our creativity with Instagram, however, and how much we want. There’s also the freedom in deciding your own work hours and being outside of the office, let alone the cubicle. We get to literally think outside the box bahaha.

What do you think of using social media for good-cause? 

We love it! That’s actually one of our “Insta goals”. To be able to travel outside the country for a month every year and dedicate our time for a charitable cause.

How do you think brands are working with influencers at the moment?

We think brands are working with influencers in any and every way you can think of. From more traditional ad campaigns to the newer approaches with Insta posts/stories, YouTube vlogs, you name it. There’s an ever-growing platform of new ways to advertise and we see brands are boarding on every train.

What brands have you worked with? 

We’ve worked with many of the greats - Dyson, Conair, Coach, and Neutrogena to name a few. If you’re a brand and you see this, please contact us, we’re available.

Where can people follow you? 

Instagram @dualcitizens

And stay tuned for our upcoming blog!


And so it begins. 2018! My name is Tass and I’m one of the founders of Socially Powerful and the mouthpiece of the business. After a very difficult 2017 I am now determined to rebuild my broken body and reintegrate myself into the business.

Follow our journey from little start up to global marketing powerhouse. Our story is real. We’ll share it all. The set backs, wins losses and most importantly the lessons they hold. It is our ambition to build an engaged community of interested and interesting individuals on a mission to realise our collective potential.

We also gave our opinion on the Logan Paul controversy on YouTube over the past few days.


"It shows that sharing content on the internet can lead to connecting with people that appreciate what you do "- Juliet Ariel

Today, we caught up with Juliet Ariel, a signer, songwriter and producer to discuss her life as an influencer! Check out some of Juliet's latest music below, with her latest song 'Take Me With You' and don't forget to follow her on the social links below.

Thanks for the time Juliet, we loved speaking to you!


Tell us about you, your background and how you came to start on social media?

Hi I am Juliet Ariel, a singer, songwriter and producer. I was born in the Congo and I grew up in Paris. I started on social media by posting pictures of my favourite outfits.

Tell us about what you do on your social channels?

I have a YouTube channel were I upload my music and I also upload pictures on Instagram. I have Twitter and Facebook and there too, I upload music as well as pictures. 

What social channel have you grown your following on?

I have grown my following on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify & Soundcloud. I’ve started uploading content on Facebook and I want to be on Snapchat.

How often do you post and update your audience? What content works best for you?

I share updates on my music releases and support I get from blogs and playlists, also when a brand has a campaign I will shoot for it and share with my audience. 

I post around 9 photos per week on Instagram, and fashion, cosmetics, nature, travel and music content works well. 

When did you first start seeing you were building a following? What did it feel like?

I’ve been building following gradually, and some actions will trigger the social platform to expose my photos or music to larger audience.

 A lot has been happening since I started working with fashion brands and since I released my latest single “Take Me With You” I had more followers come from from Spotify, YouTube and blogs who featured my release. 

It feels good. It shows that sharing content on the internet can lead to connecting with people that appreciate what you do.

What are your ambitions with your social channels? Where do you want to take it?

I’d love to work on more campaigns with several brands. Include them in my universe and also be part of theirs..

I want to collaborate with brands on many levels, from design, visuals, music… and I want to keep reaching out to more people.

If you could work with any brand in the world, who would you choose and why?

That’s a hard one because they’re so many I’d love to work with but if really I had to pick one right now I’d go for CHANEL. 

Gabrielle Chanel was a woman who believed in her freedom. She rebelled to become the woman she wanted to be. 

Working with CHANEL will definitely give me a sense of accomplishment and I’m sure that it will have a positive impact for women. I would love girls to know that their dream life can come true. 

Who’s an influencer you admire most and why?

Honestly, I don’t admire an influencer in particular. I often visit Kayla Itsines’s Instagram profile because I need daily fitness motivation and also because I subscribed to her Sweat fitness program and need help with my app. 

What relationship do you have with your followers? How do you engage with them?

I know that my followers love fashion and music. I love sending them personal messages and build a closer relationship with them. 

I also do giveaways and they love participating.

How would you say you’re different to other influencers in your space? What do you look for that others don’t?

I share my passion for music production and music visuals. My music is unique so therefore my story is. I mix my fashion reviews with my musical universe as I love fashion as well. I’m looking to create a visual story on social media that take people away from what they usually see artists doing. I want them to experience it like a movie full of colours, like a dream they can enter and explore. 

What do you enjoy most about social media?

I enjoy the unlimited connection social media offers. I’m inspired by other Influencers and also enjoy new relationships and new followers. 

Is there something you wish brands knew about influencers?

Not necessarily.  Brands might want to hear more about the Influencers’s stories to support them better and therefore create more powerful campaigns? But it goes both ways here. Influencers and brands might want or not want to open up to each other on a deeper level.

What’s the toughest thing about running your own social media? What’s the best?

It’s hard for me to keep up with everyone who reaches out to me. I value every message so I always try to make a good impression to whoever comes to me.

I have more brands to work for right now than when I started in January so I have to work smarter to feature all labels on time. Sometimes it’s hard for me to meet their deadlines.

The best part is the positive feedback I get from everyone. My followers are patient and the brands I’ve worked with were very nice and supportive. 

Tell us one thing people might not know about you?

I’m a mother. But I don’t advertise it. Maybe I will but not sure when.

What do your friends think about your life as an influencer?

My friends ask me lots of questions about it. They want to know how it works. They find my life really fun. Some started to document their passion after having a chat with me about what I do and why I do it.

Can you give any advice to people looking to start their own Instagram, YouTube etc? How can they stand out from the crowd?

I’d say plan ahead what you will share. Regarding standing out, don’t think too much about it. Go straight to the point, feature what’s necessary and if you’re consistent while you’re growing an audience, you’ll will start standing out.

Where can people follow you?

You can follow me on Instagram: 



We are currently in the USA, we’ve been filming with Scotty Cranmer, Jon Olsson and Janni Deler for the launch of a new smartphone. Our first stop on the journey was to meet up with Scotty in New York, who rode his BMX on a ramp the first time since his accident last year. Incredible achievement and what an awesome guy! We then got on the plane to fly to LA, to hook up with Jon Olsson and Janni Deler to shoot a fashion / lifestyle piece, we had such an epic time with both of them!

 We’re still out in the USA, so apologies for the delays on our vlogs, but we have some amazing content coming out for you all in the coming weeks! Keep tuned and keep locked to the channel! Let us know what you think of the vlog!


"I’m an influencer as a result of doing something influential" Jonny Comparelli


We caught up with Jonny Comparelli for the next Influencer feature on the Socially Powerful Blog! Jonny is a 26 year old entrepreneur and has an awesome story! Check it out below and be sure to follow him on his social channels, linked at the bottom of this article.

Tell us about you, your background and how you came to start on social media?

What’s groovy! My name is Jonny Comparelli, I’m 26 years old and am the founder of “Qriket LIVE” the first live game show anyone can be a contestant of using their smartphone or tablet to win cash prizes every day!

As our app and live show became more popular, I felt strongly about being a founder intimately connected to my fan base and began to interact with my viewers beyond the show on Social Media and that’s how it all started!

What does Social Media mean for you?

Social Media has always been about engaging with the fans of my live show beyond the shows themselves. Truly connecting with my viewer base and building an inclusive community has always been a big part of what I do - especially because this is rare in the technology industry. It was my goal from the beginning to not to be another “brand behind a logo”, but rather intimately share the work our team does behind the scenes, entertain our viewers with the fun projects we do – and ultimately share a genuine look into my life using social.  I share the authentic experience of being an entrepreneur, laugh off the bad days, and soak in the good ones and my fans have come on the journey with me the whole way! 

What social channel have you grown your following on? 

My app Qriket now has over 2M users so far and our live show has over 450K live viewers per month.

The social channel I like to use most is, Instagram (

But I also use Snapchat (@Jcomparel) and twitter on a daily basis as well! (

When did you first start seeing you were building a following? 

I think many people are under the impression that followers and social status arise overnight. But truthfully, while I beginning to build my following one by one and as I continue to do so, I try to be present and engage directly with my fan base constantly – it is about being social after all J No success I’ve ever found has come from making it about me. It’s always been about the fans and giving them a place where they can come to brighten their day, be entertained and be a part of the journey of building our passion – which just so happens to be something they love to interact with as well!

How would you say you’re different to other influencers in your space? What do you look for that others don’t?

I would say what makes me different is that I’m an influencer as a result of doing something influential.

On a daily basis I’m managing a team of 25 people, running a company and also documenting and sharing the experience of being a young entrepreneur – which more often than not is more stressful than it seems. In fact, interacting with my fan base on social media has been therapeutic at times. Social has pulled me into a positive place on the hard and stressful days and has also helped me be truly grateful when times are good.  It’s always been about our fans, our family – and regardless of what kind of day it is, pulling out a smile and being a source of inspiration for everyone participating.

Can you give any advice to people looking to start their own Instagram, YouTube etc? How can they stand out from the crowd?

I’m still learning and growing every day so this is always a tough question! So far, I’ve learned that simply beginning and taking the first steps in the direction in which you’d hope to see you idea evolve is all it takes to bring a new one to life. That being said, being realistic with those ideas is also important. A brilliant idea isn’t always a “Eureka!” moment, but rather comes from building and improving your simple ideas too!

Where can people follow you?

You can find me here:



Snapchat: @jcomparel


Paul Beaman, is a 29 year old fitness entrepreneur from England – World traveler and fitness addict. His life changed dramatically in his early 20s when he was sent to prison for a firearms offence.

Paul discusses his time in prison and how it impacted his life, to push him to greater things. Paul is now a fitness influencer and shares his story of how he got into social media upon his release from prison.

Paul's Instagram :

Paul's Facebook :