As a full service social marketing agency, we are very interested in how social media influencers build and run their businesses. We've been seeking out opportunities to spend time with them and get a first hand experience of their everyday lives and understand the logic behind their social media 'empire'.

In today’s episode we meet Lisa Boissel, who runs an "exclusive online members club and ‘one stop shop’ for all Personal and Executive Assistants", called Miss Jones PA. Her business is built on the premise of showing the selected PAs the best places in London. 

First, we meet Lisa and her colleague Dani at newly opened, gorgeous The Ned, where Miss Jones PA is hosting an event for a list of their selected clients. While the PA's are getting pampered Lisa tells us how she came up with the idea with her business and shares her ultimate tip: "Take an idea, but do it better!" 

After a tour around the beautiful Ned, quick encounter with James's doppelgänger and an interesting chat with Lisa and Dani, we all head to Boisdale of Belgravia, for some more traditional settings and some gorgeous food. 

Once we're done with taking embarrassing amount of pictures of our food, we stuff our bellies, with some finest quality crab, haggis, fish and pasta, and get a tour around the enchanting venue. 

Unsure if it's the food or the atmosphere at Boisdale, but after our visit we all get a tad soppy and launch into a hearty chat about how truly caring about what you do and making it personable is what makes the business truly successful. 

Eventually, after a long and eventful day, we part our way with Miss Jones PA team and take away an invaluable lesson: find something you're like and find your way to make it better!

Boom! Socially Powerful is out...