We’re back with a vlog in Barcelona with Mariano Di Viao and Xenia Tchoumitcheva, staying at the W Hotel. We had a pretty frustrating stay at the W Hotel, anything that could go wrong, went wrong. Blocked cards, no internet and unhelpful staff!

Barcelona is a great city, there is so much to see, spectacular architecture, history and culture. We had an action packed first day with photoshoots all over the city with Xenia during the day…. then as night rolled we headed out with Mariano around Barcelona for a photoshoot under the city lights.

All the preparation is complete; the hard work is done and tomorrow we are ready for the product launch. Lots of stress and little sleep for the past few weeks, is now FINALLY worth it.

An interesting topic arises with Xenia; can you learn how to be an influencer? Can you copy what everyone else is doing? How far will that take you in terms of growing your audience and own brand? Share your opinions below.