With Comic Con being, as Bran claims, “Hyped up to be the event of the year!”, we had to find out what we were missing. Armed with two comic ‘fans’ (later realising that this was nothing compared to other Comic Con attendees) we set off to explore the alluring world for ourselves. 

The vlog showcasing the whole experience starts with Game of Thrones star Daniel Portman (Podrick Payne) agreeing: “Socially Powerful is great!”. If that’s not an incentive to watch, then I really don’t know what is.

The big question soon surfaces: DC or Marvel? Clearly, Bran was slightly confused on the day, as DC will always be the winner of that debate.

We head to the main event and on the way Bran decides he's "kitted out in the most gear.” Oh, how wrong he was! 

We meet Batman in a dress, Mystique and Queen Amidala, all with the joint passion of cosplay, comics and a world far away from the one we know daily. We learn how social media has played a part in forming these super-fan communities, with one of the most powerful messages of the day being that social media allows us to escape into a world that we create, rather than being defined by who the world wants us to be. 

Watch as we do ‘Oscar winning’ Bane impressions (even though one of us now wishes she hadn’t opened her mouth) and ultimately enjoy the variety of unique and interesting things Comic Con has to offer. We discover that Comic Con is for everybody and NOT just for super fans; all are welcome and everybody will love it! 

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