Whilst in Toronto we have a call with the BBC to discuss Influencer Marketing and Social Media Marketing. An interesting topic emerges about “Social Media Experts” and it’s something of a hot topic in the industry now. Can you be a “Social Media Expert?” Do they exist? The answer is no, you can’t. Social Media is always evolving and changing, you’re always learning, you can never truly master something that isn’t a finished article. There are people who call themselves “Social Media Experts” and if you come across one, ask them what they have done to warrant the title.

We pick up the customised unboxing experience for the launch of a new mobile phone with Unbox Therapy who’s creating a video for his YouTube Channel….and we crash the drone. Whilst on the way to the airport, we talk to Jennifer Chareunvong about her life and what she’s currently doing in her life. She’s a professional fighter, with the determination to get to the top of the game and it’s interesting to hear her POV on Ronda Rousey and the UFC.

Next stop, Barcelona and one of the biggest Mobile Phone launches of 2017.

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