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Why do we vlog? Why are you vlogging? These are questions we always get asked.

We’re a marketing agency, we’re building a company and we’re on an entrepreneurial journey…. but mostly, we’re doing it be practitioners. To practice what we preach and put our money where our mouth is. To really understand social media, you need to be amongst it and living it daily. How can we stand in front of some of the biggest brands in the world but not understand what we are talking about?

Today’s vlog we are in London, casting for a video that we are creating for one of the major gaming companies globally. It’s a new client, a new opportunity and the potential to show to the brand that what we do works and delivers real results. Tass and Majid head to the casting, lead by our Director Craig, to meet the potential cast who will be starring in the video.

The difficulty with creating content for social, is that it needs to be fit for platform, it needs to be raw, easily consumable and exciting. Let’s see if we can pull it off ;)

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We're on a mission to vlog and share our journey to becoming one of the biggest marketing agencies in the world. We show everything, the good, the bad and the ugly...because WHY NOT?! We show what it's really like behind the scenes in running a business and the hard work that goes into making it happen.

We are a full service social marketing agency, that focuses on attention on social media. Where are people spending their time? Why? What's the most effective way to communicate with them? We help brands answer these questions. 

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After missing the bullet train the previous night, we had to get to the station the next morning early, to get the train to Beijing. Once we arrive in Beijing, we have a number of important meetings with clients about upcoming projects and campaigns. While on the way to the hotel, we talk about one of the big problems we are facing as a business currently, recruitment. We're looking for people with experience, knowledge and ability, those who can come on board add value and drive the company forward.

With experience, people have habits, habits that are hard to break. Do they believe in our way of thinking or are they set in their own ways? Do they live and breathe social media or is it all about TV and Banner Advertising being best / most effective way to connect with an audience. 

When running any business, recruiting the right people is hard. It's hard to find the person in your heart fits the company, that you can trust to get the job done. We hope this was some valuable insight into what we are dealing with at the moment.



The entrepreneurial journey continues, today we leave Paris and fly to China for Business. In this episode, we discuss Advertising in 2017 and how to capture an audience’s attention, through content that means something to them. We discuss the landscape of advertising in markets around the world, are brands making the same mistakes everywhere or are markets more advanced than others? 

As we take off and head to the other side of the world, we have a number of meetings in China. If we miss any of the connecting flights, we could miss one, two or maybe all of it could be a wasted trip. We’re always learning and as we head to China, we’re looking forward to continuing that education to understand advertising in different perspectives and cultures.