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Afraid of failure? Fear of failing? Failure is a part of success and overcoming it is tough, but don't be afraid to FAIL!

People are crippled by failure and overthinking; they won’t follow their dreams in fear of failure. People are scared, they are afraid of failing in front of their friends or family and not succeeding. There is a huge misconception about failure, it's part of life and you can always come back from it.

In modern society, other people love to see you fail, it's a fact.

Once you start doing something, you have something to share and something other minds can get involved with, share their opinion and collaborate. Whatever it is you’re thinking of doing it, just do it. Once you start doing, things start happening, don’t overthink, just do and don’t be afraid to fail.

We arrive in Toronto and meet some old friends, over dinner we discuss the aspect of failure. Enjoy the vlog, we're excited to continue to share our journey with you.