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The final day and VLOG in China and we have a very important meeting with one of our existing clients, where we are pitching for new business. The meeting was successful; we have a very interesting discussion and share our POV on the marketing industry. We have the chance to land a big piece of work, but we are also up against it in terms of timing and competing against another large agency for the business. 

As with everything, we’ve left applying for VISA’s to the very last minute as we are checking in at the airport. A tip, NEVER DO THIS!

It’s a time for reflection after we close this chapter of the journey. We’ve met some incredible people on the trip so far, everyone has a story to tell and something to share. We’ve learnt so much on the way and as we fly to Canada, we can’t wait to see what happens on the next leg of the journey. 


After missing the bullet train the previous night, we had to get to the station the next morning early, to get the train to Beijing. Once we arrive in Beijing, we have a number of important meetings with clients about upcoming projects and campaigns. While on the way to the hotel, we talk about one of the big problems we are facing as a business currently, recruitment. We're looking for people with experience, knowledge and ability, those who can come on board add value and drive the company forward.

With experience, people have habits, habits that are hard to break. Do they believe in our way of thinking or are they set in their own ways? Do they live and breathe social media or is it all about TV and Banner Advertising being best / most effective way to connect with an audience. 

When running any business, recruiting the right people is hard. It's hard to find the person in your heart fits the company, that you can trust to get the job done. We hope this was some valuable insight into what we are dealing with at the moment.



In today's vlog, we talk about the revolution of agency business from broadcast era and into the social era whilst flying from Shenzhen to Shanghai in China. Brands are spending too much money on traditional advertising (TV, Billboards etc) and not enough on social media. Where are people spending their time and giving their attention to in the modern day, why aren’t more brands shifting their marketing spend? By now, we are sure you all know our views and thoughts on the matter ;) !

While in Shanghai, Nick meets up with some local skateboarders for a session and captures some of the cities landscape with a drone. The reason we are in Shanghai is to catch the bullet train to Beijing, unfortunately – our timings let us down and we miss the train, which means we must spend another night in Shanghai. Fingers crossed we can make the next one in the morning otherwise we’ll miss our meetings!




Advertising is dead, it's failing and needs to change. In this episode, we talk about the advertising industry going through some big changes and what brands can do to win. In the big shift from the broadcast to the audience era the conventional advertising model no longer works. In many aspects “advertising” is broken but helping brands navigate through the terrain isn’t always easy. 

Again we document it all in an effort to share with you what it’s like to be on the ground with our clients, mediating difficult situations on the entrepreneurial journey. 

We’re still in Paris, with beautiful Xenia Tchoumitcheva for a second day of shooting for one of our biggest clients; a Chinese technology company!

We take you through another action packed day on the heels of one of the world’s most renowned digital fashionistas and despite a couple of stressful moments we try to have fun and make time for a few rooftop backflips amidst a beautiful photoshoot! 

You get to experience what it’s like on the front lines of running a social agency. 

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Who are Socially Powerful? Why are we vlogging? We decided to film a brief 60 second video giving an overview of who we are! We are going to be releasing regular updates on our Facebook Page, so make sure to get over there to keep up to date with what's going on!

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Here we go....the start of sharing every single part of our entrepreneurial journey. The highs, the lows and everything in between. 

Why are we doing this? We will reveal in another video later this week....let's just say, we want you (whoever that may be), to get to know and connect with us as people, not as an agency.

Our journey begins with a quick taxi ride to Kings Cross Station in London, where we will catch the train to Paris to begin our travels of around the world in 21 days. Follow the journey, get involved, see what we get up to, who we meet and what we encounter on our way! 

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