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"As a marketing tool, Influencer Marketing is a great platform to advertise"

Today, we caught up with Yogita Agarwal, an Influencer based in India, who has been growing her following for a number of years. Yogita now blogs full-time, mainly about fashion and she creates looks that her followers are interested in. We spoke to Yogita about her career as an influencer, the brands she's been working with and what the outlook for the future of Influencer Marketing. E

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Could you tell us a little bit about your background and how you started to build a following?

I am just a normal girl who had to take it from the scratch. I started with no following at all and no family background in blogging. It was tough in the beginning to build followers , to create content my followers would like but gradually it all started to fall in place. I started to build followers slowly and steadily. 

I was an admin for a shout-out page and when I used to look at the shout outs it kind of hit me that I too can start working in this field. There were many bloggers who asked for shout outs and that's when I came to know about blogging in general. 

Is this something you do full-time?

Yes, as of now blogging is something I so full time as it really asks for long hours of work. We hardly have time for anything once we get into this line. The shoots take up a lot of time and then there is a lot of editing. It takes a lot to stand where we are standing right now. 

What sort of content do you create and what content works best with your audience?

I am a fashion blogger. I recreate fashion looks which is quite liked by my followers. Small things that help me connect better with my audience also are a great help. 

What would you define Influencer Marketing as?

It's a vast field for anyone these day. With the growing market the influencers have a great chance to excel in whatever expect they want to. As a marketing tool it's a great platform to advertise. In the beginning I didn't know I would get to earn money but gradually I started to make some amount out of it. It's not huge but I am sure soon it will be good enough. 

What brands have you worked with so far? 

So far I have worked with Myntra, All about you by Deepika Padokone, Speedo,  Daniel Wellington,  Namzish, Oppo, Cutie,  Dr. Tvacha, Rajkumari Fashions, Unlimited Store,  Global desi, Stalk buy love and so many more to count. 

How do you think Influencer Marketing will evolve over the next 12 months?

In the coming 12 months the influencer market is going to evolve at a rapid fast speed. More and more people are becoming aware. Due to social media the market is going upscale every moment. People are beginning to learn it's importance. 

How has the Influencer world evolved since you began?

When I stared the influencer market wasn't that huge but slowly the market has turned out to be growing very fast all thanks to the social media. It's a nice scale To help earn followers . It's a great marketing platform to advertise for brands. 

How do you feel brands are working with Influencers?

There are so many influencers in the market that it has become difficult for them to know who is genuinely working hard and who is earning followers by some other means. 

Though the brands are doing a great job by targeting more and more influencers and giving more people a chance. 

Have you seen any brands that you feel are doing great work with Influencers?

Yes,  there are so many brands that are doing a great work with influencer. Both benefit each other in some way or the other. These collaborations help both the brand and the influencer. 

People become more interested in purchasing the stuff that we wear and it helps the brand increase their sales. 

Do you use any software to help create content?

Yes,  there are many softwares that help me in creating content. 

Not all pictures can be uploaded without editing and no video can be uploaded without proper clip editing. 

How do you balance your online life with offline?

To be honest it's quite a task. Once you become famous it becomes really difficult to manage the two. Your personal life no longer remains personal and the people become interested in knowing you better.

For that you have to share many details online which you might not want to. Blogging leaves us with no time and it's really hard to have a personal life. People get attracted to your profile when you share personal knowledge with them. Honestly it takes a lot be a blogger. 

Which influencers inspire you and look up to?

There is no doubt in this one. The influencer that inspires me the most is Santoshi Shetty.

If you could work with any brand, who would that be?

Surely Nike and Addidas and so many more brands as such. 

Tell us something about you that people might not know?

The life of a blogger is like an open book. We have nothing to hide from the audience. One thing that people don't know about me as a person is that I don't like putting on makeup but our job profile we need to put it on and there is no other feeling than getting off makeup after you are done with a shoot. I am also a crazy, fun loving,  person. 

What’s your favourite social platform and why?

My favourite  platform is instagram as it gives more opportunities Tu us bloggers. It helps us build more audience. 

Where do you want to take your career as an Influencer?

In the the near future I want myself to have a bright future in blogging as well as I want to try my hand at acting. These two things are something I want in life and as an influencer I want myself to be a well known blogger. 

I hope I will be able to manage the two simultaneously.

Dual Citizens - "We love the freedom of social media"

We caught up with two Korean sisters, Annie and Esther, who are Instagram influencers who have an awesome story to tell. They both have full-time jobs and started their Instagram journey as a bit of fun after University, check out their full story below!


Tell us about you, your background and how you came to start on social media?

We’re two sisters of Korean descent, born in Florida, grew up in Toronto, and now residing in Calgary. Now there’s an intro for ya! We came to start on social media from loving trends, fashion, and having a little bit of the “what do I do after I graduate?!” panic.

Tell us about what you do on your social channels?

We’re mainly in the fashion industry with a side of travel and food. We create content about what we love and define us. We try to have a mix of content, by posting aesthetic photos on Instagram and showing our dorky personalities on stories.

Sum up your what you do in 5 words?

We take low angles a lot.

What social channel are you most passionate about and why?

INSTAGRAM. All day. Everyday. (It’s also our only social channel)

How often do you post and update your audience? What content works best for you?

We tend to post a few times a week but try to update our audience every day. We love love love Insta stories - it’s our playground for all our shenanigans.

When did you first start seeing you were building a following? How quickly have you grown your following?

We started noticing the follower build-up from the get-go. We remember being so excited hitting the first 100 followers because we knew it wasn’t just family members and friends following us. Once we hit 10K, we knew “hey, this could actually go somewhere” and now we’re almost at 100K! We grew our following quite quickly - it’s been less than 2 years since we started the gram and it’s been a rollercoaster ever since.

How do you stand out on social media? What makes you different?

We’re sisters slash best friends. That in itself stands out from most accounts. The more the merrier, right?

What does your typical day look like?

Our typical day isn’t like most social media influencers. We work 9-5 jobs (well 8-5) during the week, so the day consists of commuting, working, and planning out our Insta posts and stories. Weekends are where we cram in all the photoshoots and stories. It’s a hard knock life yo.

Are you friends with other influencers?

Of course! One of the reasons we love this platform is how we’ve connected with other girls who are influencers. We give each other social media advice and complain about the ever-changing Instagram algorithm; things that non-influencers might not understand.

What are your ambitions with social media? Where do you want to take it?

To call this our full-time jobs. Done. Next question por favor. Haha moreover, we want to be able to post more, have more live videos, and show more travelling posts by travelling more! We want more more more of everything!

What do you enjoy most about social media?

We love the freedom of social media. Especially since we both work office jobs, there’s the undeniable comparison of office work to social media work. We love being able to use our creativity with Instagram, however, and how much we want. There’s also the freedom in deciding your own work hours and being outside of the office, let alone the cubicle. We get to literally think outside the box bahaha.

What do you think of using social media for good-cause? 

We love it! That’s actually one of our “Insta goals”. To be able to travel outside the country for a month every year and dedicate our time for a charitable cause.

How do you think brands are working with influencers at the moment?

We think brands are working with influencers in any and every way you can think of. From more traditional ad campaigns to the newer approaches with Insta posts/stories, YouTube vlogs, you name it. There’s an ever-growing platform of new ways to advertise and we see brands are boarding on every train.

What brands have you worked with? 

We’ve worked with many of the greats - Dyson, Conair, Coach, and Neutrogena to name a few. If you’re a brand and you see this, please contact us, we’re available.

Where can people follow you? 

Instagram @dualcitizens

And stay tuned for our upcoming blog!


nstagram is currently testing a feature that identifies users who take screenshots of public Instagram Stories. Now, we're all partial to stalking, screenshotting content and posting it in WhatsApp groups to laugh at...however, next time you take a screenshot or screen recording, the person who posted the story will be able to see it.


There was significant uproar on Instagram when some users detected the new feature. People even indicated they had switched from Snapchat to Instagram because they wanted to get away from screenshotting alerts. Instagram is likely testing how people respond to the new notices and may decide to never rollout the feature to all users, or perhaps change its behaviour.

In the meantime, be careful and watch those trigger happy fingers.