london vlog


It’s our first day and vlog back in London, after the trip around the world and we are thrust straight into the action, with a zombie apocalypse prank with the renowned Internet Prankster, Julius Dein. We take you behind the scenes and show you the scale of film production on some of the campaigns we do.

The creative behind the video is that Julius would be pranking his grandmother with a zombie apocalypse, that involved zombies, gunfire, artillery and a load of military.

Due to the circumstances of a terrorist attack happening the previous day, we had to rethink our plans and there were some very last-minute unavoidable changes. The Police said no to any gunfire and weaponry on set. Things never go 100% to plan, but this was a situation we had to manage properly from the production side and the client side. In the vlog Tass goes through how we managed the client and their expectations of what’s now possible.

This is the first part of the day, so tune in on Tuesday to see what happens next and the prank that was pulled on Julius grandma. 

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