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Our trip and travelling around the world ENDS TODAY! The final hurdle, it all comes down to this and the big push for the product launch in Barcelona with all the influencers in attendance. 

Xenia Tchoumitcheva, Mariano Di Vaio, Toni Mahfud, Unbox Therapy are all involved in this global launch for our client, with a lot of time pressure and last minute changes, we manage to pull it off. 

After a huge trip around the world, there has been a lot to learn, understand and so much experience that we gained. We're now on the way back to London, to get stuck in back in the office, ready for the big move and all of the other campaigns we are working on. Just two guys, travelling around the world, chasing the dream - WHAT A TRIP!

We're excited to show more of what we get up to on a daily and weekly basis, let the journey continue as we take things to the next level and introduce YouTube to more of the Socially Powerful Team.



As Tass and Nick’s epic three week worldwide journey draws to a close, their biggest challenge is still ahead. This is the day of the product launch event, with all the influencers in Barcelona and anything can happen.

The influencers need to be briefed on their activities for the day and all the while the client is still waiting for the Unbox Therapy’s video to review before it’s immediate release.

With difficult time constraints and a continually changing schedule, the pair must persevere in order to complete the job.


We’re back with a vlog in Barcelona with Mariano Di Viao and Xenia Tchoumitcheva, staying at the W Hotel. We had a pretty frustrating stay at the W Hotel, anything that could go wrong, went wrong. Blocked cards, no internet and unhelpful staff!

Barcelona is a great city, there is so much to see, spectacular architecture, history and culture. We had an action packed first day with photoshoots all over the city with Xenia during the day…. then as night rolled we headed out with Mariano around Barcelona for a photoshoot under the city lights.

All the preparation is complete; the hard work is done and tomorrow we are ready for the product launch. Lots of stress and little sleep for the past few weeks, is now FINALLY worth it.

An interesting topic arises with Xenia; can you learn how to be an influencer? Can you copy what everyone else is doing? How far will that take you in terms of growing your audience and own brand? Share your opinions below.



VLOG! What’s the problem with social media and mobile phones in general?  The big failing and mistake, lies with us as people.

Do you ever have a conversation with a friend and they pick up their phone, start flicking through, tapping the screen, barely giving you any of their attention? 

Are you guilty of it? People don't know when to switch of, listen and take in what the other person in saying. We're all guilty of it, it’s an addiction!

In this episode with Mariano Di Vaio we are finalising the ending to the shoot in Paris and preparing for the arrival of another influencer Toni Mahfud. Nick’s 2011 MacBook finally packs in, so the guys go off to buy a new one, which inspires a parody “Unboxing” video in their hotel room.

We hope you enjoy the Vlog, the next one is out on Tuesday, so keep your eyes peeled, or better still, press that subscribe button ;)



We are with Mariano Di Vaio, shooting a commercial in Paris and we are trying to get our VISA to go to China for the next leg of the journey. In this episode we discuss how brands should be putting the creativity and trust in the hands of the creators / influencers such as Mariano to create something everyone can be passionate about. 

We ended up flying a drone over Paris whilst on set with Mariano, the footage from the skies ended up looking incredible. Tass also catches up with a couple members of the Socially Powerful team back in London via Skype.

The next episode is going live on Thursday, so be sure to tune in to see where we are at on the entrepreneurial journey!
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