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What is Influencer Marketing? What's the future of Influencer Marketing? How do you use Influencers in the most effective way? Influencer Marketing Strategy? Well tune in, today's vlog is all about the above. Christina and Majid, headed out to speak to a design agency in London about all things Influencer Marketing and Social Marketing.

It was a fantastic meeting and great to answer the questions thrown our way. Christina also talks about what it's like to pitch / present Socially Powerful to other agencies and brands, how she handles the nerves and what the pressure feels like!



Today we caught up with Natasha, who is about to lead a global campaign for a major technology company. It’s the first campaign Natasha will be leading since joining the company and we wanted to get an understanding of her thoughts moving forward. From Account Management, through to project execution, Natasha shares her thoughts.

As a start-up, we put a lot of trust and belief in our employees from the outset. We ensure they have everything they need to succeed and continually learn. At a larger agency, you wouldn’t get an opportunity to lead a project of this stature so early into your career. It’s a great opportunity and one Natasha will knock out of the park!