toni mahfud


Our trip and travelling around the world ENDS TODAY! The final hurdle, it all comes down to this and the big push for the product launch in Barcelona with all the influencers in attendance. 

Xenia Tchoumitcheva, Mariano Di Vaio, Toni Mahfud, Unbox Therapy are all involved in this global launch for our client, with a lot of time pressure and last minute changes, we manage to pull it off. 

After a huge trip around the world, there has been a lot to learn, understand and so much experience that we gained. We're now on the way back to London, to get stuck in back in the office, ready for the big move and all of the other campaigns we are working on. Just two guys, travelling around the world, chasing the dream - WHAT A TRIP!

We're excited to show more of what we get up to on a daily and weekly basis, let the journey continue as we take things to the next level and introduce YouTube to more of the Socially Powerful Team.



As Tass and Nick’s epic three week worldwide journey draws to a close, their biggest challenge is still ahead. This is the day of the product launch event, with all the influencers in Barcelona and anything can happen.

The influencers need to be briefed on their activities for the day and all the while the client is still waiting for the Unbox Therapy’s video to review before it’s immediate release.

With difficult time constraints and a continually changing schedule, the pair must persevere in order to complete the job.


ENTREPRENEUR LIFE VLOG, When hard work pays off, Toni Mahfud. 

The entrepreneurial journey continues. We're pick up the vlog in Paris shooting a content series with renowned influencer Toni Mahfud, who's an artist, model, designer and fashion blogger for one of our clients. 

In this episode of the entrepreneurial journey, we share the struggles of mediating situations with our clients and influencer. We discuss what it's like to come out of the other side successfully. It's important we share all aspects of what we get up to, share our advice and here we discuss the rewards of effort we put in to providing solutions to the problems we encouter.

There are so many difficult situations that go into making campaigns happen, often people don't realise and underestimate what's gone into the whole process. Business is not always easy, it's a journey and a rollercoaster one at that!