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And so it begins. 2018! My name is Tass and I’m one of the founders of Socially Powerful and the mouthpiece of the business. After a very difficult 2017 I am now determined to rebuild my broken body and reintegrate myself into the business.

Follow our journey from little start up to global marketing powerhouse. Our story is real. We’ll share it all. The set backs, wins losses and most importantly the lessons they hold. It is our ambition to build an engaged community of interested and interesting individuals on a mission to realise our collective potential.

We also gave our opinion on the Logan Paul controversy on YouTube over the past few days.



We are currently in the USA, we’ve been filming with Scotty Cranmer, Jon Olsson and Janni Deler for the launch of a new smartphone. Our first stop on the journey was to meet up with Scotty in New York, who rode his BMX on a ramp the first time since his accident last year. Incredible achievement and what an awesome guy! We then got on the plane to fly to LA, to hook up with Jon Olsson and Janni Deler to shoot a fashion / lifestyle piece, we had such an epic time with both of them!

 We’re still out in the USA, so apologies for the delays on our vlogs, but we have some amazing content coming out for you all in the coming weeks! Keep tuned and keep locked to the channel! Let us know what you think of the vlog!



As Tass continues his recovery from Leukaemia, his friend Chris came down to pay him a visit, on one of his days out of hospital and off his treatment of chemotherapy. Tass and Chris worked together at a previous agency and they caught up on old times, old stories and situations they found themselves in.

Tass discusses his time at the agency they both worked at, how he found his time there and the people he worked with. They also discuss recruitment and how you have to tailor your CV to the company you're applying to! Part 2 of the episode tomorrow!



In this vlog today, Isaac (one of our Videographers) headed half way across the world, to Toronto, Canada for 48 hours. He had a special package to deliver to one of the biggest tech influencers, for a product launch we have happening in a couple of weeks.

This is the story of the first day, the journey from picking up the package in London to flying to Toronto and experiencing his first night in the city! Let's see what he get's up to in Toronto!



Today we caught up with Natasha, who is about to lead a global campaign for a major technology company. It’s the first campaign Natasha will be leading since joining the company and we wanted to get an understanding of her thoughts moving forward. From Account Management, through to project execution, Natasha shares her thoughts.

As a start-up, we put a lot of trust and belief in our employees from the outset. We ensure they have everything they need to succeed and continually learn. At a larger agency, you wouldn’t get an opportunity to lead a project of this stature so early into your career. It’s a great opportunity and one Natasha will knock out of the park!


We sent our videographers and skateboard enthusiasts, Nick and Isaac, to one of the Asics's 'Run the Tube' campaign sites near Waterloo station. To mark the launch of their Flagship Store in Regent Street, Asics is running a campaign called 'Run the Tube' installing unique LED light tunnels designed by Rob Jensen and Warren Trezevant, Inspired by the IAAF World Championship.

So here’s the new vlog, complete with bay-watch style slo-mo running by one of our very own. What’s not to love?

Firstly, we meet Isaac, the brand spanking new edition to the Socially Powerful family. He tells us a little about himself and his move down from Manchester to work with us. After getting slightly lost (is the tube a thing up north?!), the boys finally rock up at to the 'Run the Tube' location in the Leake Street Tunnel by Waterloo station.

Met by a scene of dozens of spherical LED light installations and heavy graffiti running along the inside of the tunnel (a hipster’s paradise), it's clear it's going to be a great setting to capture some incredible, Instagram-worthy footage.

The plan was to film some slow shutter hyperlapses and timelapses using Socially Powerful’s new toy - a gimble (for those not so camera-lingo-savvy - a gimble is used for getting smooth shots). This, teamed with their dope, albeit slightly rusty, skateboard skills should be a match made in heaven, right?

A few technical difficulties, some suitably edgy deep-house music and a LOT of swearing later, the boys got to it. And the results were f*cking incredible! As you’ll see from the vlog, the colour changing light installations partnered with the graffiti created some seriously 'trippy' effects on the camera. Finishing with some aerial footage of the best city in the world, shot on another one of our favourite toys – DJI Mavic – we think this is our coolest vlog yet.



With Comic Con being, as Bran claims, “Hyped up to be the event of the year!”, we had to find out what we were missing. Armed with two comic ‘fans’ (later realising that this was nothing compared to other Comic Con attendees) we set off to explore the alluring world for ourselves. 

The vlog showcasing the whole experience starts with Game of Thrones star Daniel Portman (Podrick Payne) agreeing: “Socially Powerful is great!”. If that’s not an incentive to watch, then I really don’t know what is.

The big question soon surfaces: DC or Marvel? Clearly, Bran was slightly confused on the day, as DC will always be the winner of that debate.

We head to the main event and on the way Bran decides he's "kitted out in the most gear.” Oh, how wrong he was! 

We meet Batman in a dress, Mystique and Queen Amidala, all with the joint passion of cosplay, comics and a world far away from the one we know daily. We learn how social media has played a part in forming these super-fan communities, with one of the most powerful messages of the day being that social media allows us to escape into a world that we create, rather than being defined by who the world wants us to be. 

Watch as we do ‘Oscar winning’ Bane impressions (even though one of us now wishes she hadn’t opened her mouth) and ultimately enjoy the variety of unique and interesting things Comic Con has to offer. We discover that Comic Con is for everybody and NOT just for super fans; all are welcome and everybody will love it! 

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With the Socially Powerful family growing bigger every day, we thought it was time to get to know one another and celebrate one of our own – Nikol Chrenkova, a professional golf player. With a dose of healthy (and not-so-healthy) competition we headed over to Top Golf to learn from a pro and separate the powerful from the pretenders.

First up, we needed to decide the most important thing – who was in each team. With help from a lovely (and patient) lady, the teams were decided…:

  1. Captain: Majid – Natasha, Nick, Paula, and James.

  2. Captain: Neil – Nikol, Coralie, Bran and Chrissie.

… and, after a motivating pep-talk from James, “You’d better f*cking win”, and the expert guidance of Nikol, “You need to pose to make it look good,” the Socially Powerful Open began.

At this point I would love to say that we all aced every shot and did Nikol’s teachings proud – unfortunately, I would be lying. Playing golf turned out to be just as Nikol stated; nerve-wracking, exciting, inconsistent, needing patience and SOCIAL!

Throughout the day we learnt a lot about each other, bonding over our mutual uselessness (none of us will ever be professional golfers - sorry Nikol!) and learning that, although we are Socially Powerful, our skill-set doesn’t necessarily translate over to Top Golf!

We tried our best, and at the end of the day the best team (I may be slightly biased) won.

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