Working with people you love is one of the most important factors when starting a business. These are people you’ll spend most of your time with, so why would you want to surround yourself with and build a business with people you don’t get on with and don’t like?! Don’t think about the money and the rewards, think about your life and doing what makes you happy. If you start a business just for the money, you’re in the wrong game and you’ll fail.

We aso talk about selling and marketing on social media being the most effective channel to get products in front of audiences at the right time, in the right market and in the right way. It’s the final part of the vlogs with Julius Dein and he’s about to pull the most epic prank on his grandma. We take you behind the scenes of the final preparation, the prank itself and then meeting his grandma who we have a really interesting chat with.

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We're on a mission to vlog and share our journey to becoming one of the biggest marketing agencies in the world. We show everything, the good, the bad and the ugly...because WHY NOT?! We show what it's really like behind the scenes in running a business and the hard work that goes into making it happen.

We are a full service social marketing agency, that focuses on attention on social media. Where are people spending their time? Why? What's the most effective way to communicate with them? We help brands answer these questions. 

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